TS6000 Superflat Screed: New features to boost productivity & increase profitability.

Published on Feb 15, 2021 1:51:22 PM

WM88)b_0174TS6000 Superflat Screed

Topp & Screed is renowned for its global performance in the design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment for the production of concrete industrial floor slabs. Established in Luxembourg in 2006, the company has an extensive range of equipment and is renowned for its continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The most technologically advanced model available today, the TS6000 Superflat Screed includes all the cutting-edge features and benefits of previous models, while incorporating a variety of new improvements. Inspired by customer and operator feedback, the machine has been specifically designed to achieve greater accuracy on every job. This increases customer satisfaction and can lead to increased revenues and profitability. The TS6000 Superflat Screed can easily move around columns, etc, on job sites and facilitates larger panel construction. This means that more concrete can be laid and levelled each day, helping contractors to meet or surpass production deadlines.

TS6000 Superflat Screed

The TS6000 Superflat Screed is equipped with the last generation of diesel Hatz engines meeting the EU Stage V emission norms. Great importance is given to the operators’ health, safety and comfort by improving their working ergonomics with more comfortable and supportive seating and reducing engine noise omissions.

Greater Operator Control

The major advancement on the TS6000 Superflat Screed is the incorporation of new software, SFS 2.0, linked to a tactile touch screen. This software is an in-house innovation which allows the operator greater control and fine-tuning during operation and is available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian as standard.


The SFS 2.0 software is a fully automated platform which controls the machine, and has an easy-to-use coloured interface, innovative features and rock-solid stability.

This software is the base for all Topp & Screed machines. Using the latest technology and built-in features makes it a simple and smart platform allowing machines to be used for different applications and perform with precision and accuracy to meet today’s demanding industry standards in terms of flatness and levelness e.g. FM1, DIN15185 and Fmin75 and may eliminate the need for remedial grinding.

Continuous Improvements from Operator Feedback

Additional enhancements on the latest model include a uniform body profile, LED lights and central greasing system. The TS6000 Superflat Screed is now equipped as standard with a hose reel for the high-pressure washer, a diesel particle filter to reduce emission of particles while working in confined areas and a rotatable screed-head.

Along with these advancements, the TS6000 Superflat Screed features 360° machine rotation, and a 6.3m telescopic boom. Other customised machine options are available to meet customer needs, including screed-head size, colours and heated seat.

Part of the Twintec Group of companies, Topp & Screed is committed to developing sustainable solutions for current and future generations. The in-house technical expertise and extensive knowledge offers customers a unique service worldwide.  Read about our new electric mini-screed


Purchasing, leasing, rental, financing and trade in of your old machine options are available. Topp & Screed offer new and refurbished machines, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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