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Testing of materials, earthwork and concrete structures

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Materials Testing

Materials Testing

For solutions that closely fit the specified requirements detailed knowledge is needed on the actual properties and behaviour of the materials used to construct the concrete structures and the soil under it.

Successful construction of any concrete floor depends on incorporating the right construction details e.g. construction joints, dock levellers, edge details, column details. R&G will select and advise the appropriate detail for a specific project requirement.

Examples that may be executed are:

  • Residential tensile strenght tests on fibre reinforced concrete specimens
  • Tensile strength of steel fibres
  • Compression strength and shrinkage of concrete
  • Concrete laboratory & plant trial mixes
  • Plate load tests on subgrade or subbase
  • Cone penetration tests on soil strata
  • Mortar consistency and air content for casting of concrete
  • Surface tensile strength of concrete slabs
  • Compression strength of concrete structures
  • Surface finishing methods

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