Structural Design

Design of functional, safe, sustainable and economic structures,
3D Structural Modelling

Structural Design
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Structural Design

Design of Functional, Safe,
Sustainable and Economic Structures

Integral design, engineering and supervision expertise are essential to control risk. The R&G consultants are specialists in the integral design approach with the client's requirements and involvement of building surpervisors and contractors paramount for the final design solution.

R&G solutions enable the functionality, safety and sustainability of the concrete structure under the relevant design situations to be achieved. Even the smallest structural details and all relevant loading combinations must be considered to predict and control the crack development in the concrete structure subjected to the project specific loads.

The engineers and consultants have an open eye for function, sustainability and safety regulations applicable for each project.

Designs are not limited to cement based traditionally reinforced concrete. R&G Engineers have a vast experience in fibre reinforced concrete, polymer concrete, material combinations and additives.
R&G Engineering deliver services to meet your needs, including conceptual, tender, basic and detailed designs.

3D Structural Modelling

DIANA software is used for the design and analysis of the structures. DIANA is a 3-D finite element software package and performs complex non-linear analyses. This includes the ability to describe all materials, to consider geometric non-linearities, perform a static/dynamic analysis and/or to have the ability to combine the soil and the structure in one calculation.

In addition a number of pre- and post-processing programmes have been developed to create and evaluate Finite Element Models and the specific loadings. This has been done to such an extent that for standard analysis situations the process is fully automated thus creating an efficient workflow whilst reducing the risk of human error.

Alternative tools can be used for designs including in-house prepared tools or software such as Floor, Technosoft Beams, Technosoft Foundations on Grade, RFEM.


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R&G Engineering is a specialist engineering company, employing industry leading engineers and
consultants with over 25 years of expertise in reinforced concrete structures.

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