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A concrete industrial floor needs to have an appropriate flatness and strength in order to provide a suitable surface for the storage requirements, operation of machinery and materials handling equipment in combination with an appropriate levelness to ensure that it can function safely and efficiently to meet the operational needs of the end user.

R&G Engineering can verify prior to the construction of ground floor slabs the level, flatness, stiffness and load bearing capacity of the subgrade and subbase material to ensure suitability to meet the design requirements and control the quality of the floor construction process.

R&G Engineering uses appropriate floor flatness testing equipment to verify the flatness of floor slabs post construction to either NEN, TR34, DIN or the American F number specifications.

Successful construction of any concrete floor depends on incorporating the right construction details e.g. construction joints, dock levellers, edge details, column details. R&G will select and advise the appropriate detail for a specific project requirement.


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