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TS5000 Topping Spreader 

Topp & Screed is renowned for its global performance in the design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment for the production of concrete industrial floor slabs. Established in Luxembourg in 2006, the company has an extensive range of equipment and specializes in continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The TS5000 Topping Spreader is a telescopic self-propelled topping spreader designed to work alongside the TS6000 Superflat Screed or TS6100e Mini Electric Superflat Screed.

The design of this machine with a unique working unit enables precise and uniform distribution of various dry mixtures from materials based on quartz, quartz sand and pigments to toppings based on corundum and other coarsely fractionated fillers.

The TS5000 Topping Spreader is equipped with the latest generation of diesel Hatz engines meeting the EU Stage V emission norms and a diesel particle filter. Great importance is rightly given to the operator's health, safety and comfort by improving the working ergonomics, designed with comfortable and supportive seating and reduced engine noise omissions compared to other models on the market.

The latest model of TS5000 Topping Spreader incorporates new software, SFS 2.0, linked to aTS 5000 Topping Spreader 5 tactile touch screen. The SFS 2.0 software is a fully automated platform which controls the machine, has an easy-to-use coloured interface, innovative features and rock-solid stability. This software is an in-house innovation which allows the operator greater control and fine-tuning during operation and is available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian as standard.


  • High accuracy

The TS5000 applies dry mixtures with a precise flow rate from 2 to 8 kg / m2 and a guaranteed uniform distribution over the entire area of work.

  • Productivity

The machine is designed to not require stabilising feet. This stability and ease of movement contributes to a higher productivity. In addition, you can spread quartz when the boom goes out then move the machine to the right and you can spread quartz again when the boom goes in. In term of productivity, this machine is the best on the market.

  • High production output

Application can be up to 4,000m2 per shift onto freshly poured concrete - no need to wait until the concrete can be walked on.

The machine is equipped with a telescopic boom with a maximum reach of 6.3m and spreads the dry mixtures both ways, allowing the topping to cover an area of ​​11.34m² in one working pass.

The time of one working pass is only 8 seconds ensuring high productivity.WM88)b_0190

  • Flexibility of operation

The design of the working unit provides for the possibility of shifting to the left and right, which ensures even distribution of topping, including around columns. The movement of the high frame unit is controlled directly from the operator's station.

  • Easy product loading

The loading hopper has a volume of 1.00m3 and holds 2500kg of topping. The central tank can be replenished with jumbo bags. The head bin is equipped with an anti-dust kit and can hold 320kg of topping.

Part of the Twintec Group of companies, Topp & Screed is committed to developing sustainable solutions for current and future generations. The in-house technical expertise and extensive knowledge offers customers a unique service worldwide.

Purchasing, leasing, rental, financing and trade in of your old machine options are available. 

Topp & Screed offer new and refurbished machines, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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