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Twintec Group

The Company

Twintec provides a personal product through a total offer concept with a high level of performance, environmental sustainability and aesthetics worldwide.

The Twintec name reflects the twin technologies of concrete and steel fibres. Design expertise and high grade materials are coupled with experience, skilled workers, continuously improved procedures and specially designed equipment.

  • ‘Jointless’ flooring specialists
  • Total responsibility package
  • Value-engineered designs
  • Innovative
  • Skilled, experienced workers
  • Environmentally sensitive
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Committed to research & development


From the earliest stages of the planning process.

Our in-house team ensures a personalised solution that is tailored to meet clients' specific requirements.


Twintec accepts nothing less than the best.

The Twintec group has been built on a foundation of motivated and healthy employees and a safe working environment.


Minimising environmental impact in every job.

Through design optimisation and use of the latest material technologies, we will safeguard our environment.

Our Mission

To design and construct innovative, environmentally sensitive, concrete floor slabs worldwide.

Our unique total offer concept

Twintec’s complete in-house service goes far beyond the industry norm, offering a level of support, quality assurance and peace of mind which has established the company as the world’s leading industrial flooring and concrete flooring contractor.

Explore our innovative flooring technology.