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Reference Projects

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Here are a few of our projects

Country Place Project Name Description
Australia Brendale Surepipe External slab for heavy forklift and metal pipes stored on steel frames 
Australia Wodonga XLAM Engineered plinth foundation for a new equipment over existing floor
Belgium Lokeren Callebaut Twintec Ultimate® floor 42.000m2
Belgium Milmort Weerts Supply Chain Freeplan® floor on vibro improved ground 30.000m²
China Luzhou Jianyang Airport Warehouse for aeroplane parts, Silver Trowel 2020
UAE Dubai Dubai Expo 2020 Freeplan slab for exhibition centre with more than 2000 manholes (45.000m²)
UAE Dubai Executjet Airport Hangar
France Strasbourg Hager Group Automated storage system on a suspended slab on piles
France Molsheim Safran Log Raft foundation for a new overhead crane bearing on the floor
Germany Duren Bertelsmann Duren Warehouse  
Greece Athene Delhaize Athens Replacement of industrial floor
Iceland Reykjavik Innes  Analysis of standard and automated warehouse and foundation for seismic conditions (on piles)
Luxemburg Dudelange WDP Warehouse Twintec Ultimate® floor 12.000m2
Netherlands Bleiswijk Mediq Automated storage
Netherlands Zaanstad Shipyard Zaandam External yard for mobile ship crane
Netherlands Tilburg DC 5 Settlement analysis
Netherlands Zaanstad Twincon Zaandam Testing of prisms
Netherlands Tilburg SMS Workshop with heavy machinery
Netherlands Vianen Miles Evaluation of grinding operation on load bearing capacity
Netherlands Roosendaal Primark Phase II Relocation of casing tubes in existing floor
Netherlands Enschede Drukkerij Roelofs Machine foundation
Norway Oslo Coop Lager Analysing the implementation of new storage systems and platform in the new and existing facility in combination of existing systems
Saudi-Arabia Jeddah Al Nadhi Imdad 60.000m² distribution centre with multiple platform systems
United Kingdom Peterborough Lidl Peterborough Distribution centre
United Kingdom Tredegar EuroCaps Expansion Expansion of the Warehouse with a Twintec® ULTIMATE
United Kingdom Sheffield Royal Academy of Engineering Twintec Research Chair Sheffield, Director of research
USA Tacoma Newcold Cladrack freezing building
USA Mobile MTC Mobile racking on rails in a cold store 
USA Minooka USCS Cold store with automated racking




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