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Published on 27 November 2023

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Environmental sustainability values are integral to addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time

Time and again as a specialist concrete flooring contractor that offers “green” solutions to global logistics, manufacturing and heavy industrial sectors, we come across a lot of talk, but often a lack of clear action.

We often see companies state publicly they have sustainability at the heart of their business vision & values, but often only if it doesn’t impact the cost, operations or require any effort to implement.

Innovation, knowledge and action are key drivers of environmental sustainability

Embracing new technologies, practices, and solutions can help mitigate environmental problems and reduce the negative impacts of human activities. Clearly defined sustainability values encourage the continuous search for innovative solutions.

Innovation; put your mission into practice

The vision and commitment of Twintec’s founders to sustainability, coupled with a considerable investment in research & development paved the way for key initiatives to support the company’s environmental goals.

These have included:

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AFT® E-Fibre  This high tensile steel fibre is repurposed from the steel chord in end of life of tyres and is used as an alternative to steel rebar in many concrete floor slab designs.

Interested to learn about the benefits of the AFT® E-Fibre:



TS6100e Kenya-1World first electric superflat screeds by Topp and Screed used during the concrete floor laying process replacing thermic equipment and designed to assist experienced workers provide the flatness requirements of today’s global industrial flooring industry. 

Topp and Screed



Knowledge: Better by Design

Design optimisation is key to sustainability and supports carbon neutral targets. It is essential that for new logistics or industrial facilities that the concrete floor slab design is optimised to meet the specific operational requirements and consideration given to the embodied carbon content and life cost (operational efficiencies and ongoing maintenance) at the concept stage.

  • Optimised slab thickness & reinforcement to achieve lowest material consumption
  • Use of environmentally sustainable materials to reduce embodied carbon
  • Design for life cost; longevity & low maintenance

The Twintec ECO Freeplan® (SFRC jointless concrete floor slab) & ECO ULTIMATE (seamless floor slab) combines design solutions with specific materials and optimised production processes for an overall reduction in embodied carbon.

How is this achieved?

  1. i) Reducing the volume of steel within a concrete floor slab and incorporating repurposed steel fibre (AFT® E-Fibre)
  2. ii) Composition of concrete including cement replacement (e.g. GGBS etc) and less consumption by reducing slab thicknesses.
    iii)  Advanced on-site construction processes, minimising manpower and the utilisation of electric concrete laying equipment.

Reducing the embodied carbon in your concrete floor slab by up to 66% is achievable compared to traditional mesh, saw cut concrete floor slab construction.

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Actions speaks louder than words

Innovation and knowledge are key drivers of environmental sustainability but also is action and a commitment to follow through on corporate statements.

As individuals and organisations, we all have a responsibility to sustainable construction. There is no magic wand or the ability to go back in time and do things differently, but what we can do collectively is work towards reducing the impact of our business operations on the world we live in for the future generations.

There isn’t time to wait for legislation or codes to insist on sustainable design practices and whilst we welcomes moves towards defined embodied carbon targets in construction, Twintec is not prepared to wait and embrace wholehearted designing & constructing ECO Freeplan® and ECO ULTIMATE floor slabs globally.


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