Twintec Services and Renovation (TSR)

Twintec offer a service for investigation, maintenance and where required adaptation, repairs or replacement of existing concrete floor slabs.

Logistics & warehousing is evolving at a rapid pace.

Can your existing concrete floor slab keep pace with your changing requirements?

       TSR has the solutions: 

                  • Design verification on existing concrete floor slabs and recommendations
                  • Adaptation of the concrete floor from free movement to defined movement tolerances
                  • Repairs to your concrete floor;  surface, joint & crack repairs, racking bolts removed 
                  • Surface treatments;  densification to increase abrasion resistance, micro-grinding & polishing
                  • Maintenance and cleaning products  

The life cost of a concrete floor slab and the operation efficiency of a facility can both be significantly improved

by timely maintenance, repairs or upgrading of a concrete floor slab.



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The Twintec unique total offer concept [Design-Build-Guarantee] is applied to TSR solutions for existing floor slabs. 

Twintec's experience and specialist knowledge provides a total service, one point of contact and project management from the initial investigation through to completion of any required renovation works. 

Design & Engineering

If ownership of real estate changes, new end users move into existing facilities or a change of operations in an existing facility, the concrete floor slab may need to be verified and upgraded to meet the new requirements.

TSR provide a range of services including:

  • Design verification of existing floor slabs and new designs where required
  • Repair recommendations and  methodology
  • Materials testing
  • Floor flatness surveying





Changing your operations from free movement to defined movement storage?

The concrete floor may need to be adapted to new industry safety standards or to accommodate new MHE or robotics equipment.



Older concrete floor slabs or those being upgraded for new tenants or change of use may need repairs. TSR provides appropriate, customised and sustainable solutions for concrete floor slab renovation.

Twintec in-house knowledge, material selection and developed repair techniques offers the best results.

  • Impact damage repairs
  • Surface damage repairs 
  • Crack repairs
  • Construction or contraction joint repair
  • Racking bolt removal
Twintec is dedicated to building a sustainable future working with selected material partners to use the most appropriate environmentally friendly products available on the market.

Twintec®TwinFlex Joint

Twintec® TwinFlex system is used to repair joints and cracks on existing slabs.

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A liquid expansion joint used in combination with a load transfer joint for seamless load transfer and smooth transition between concrete floor slab panels. 

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Surface Treatments

Twintec® TwinBest

Where surface dust is a problem or an improvement in abrasion resistance is required, Twintec® TwinBest is the solution.

The process is a silicification of the concrete surface with a modified silicate for permanent densification of the concrete floor slab.  This results in increased abrasion resistance and reduced surface dusting.

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Twintec® PLUS

Twintec® PLUS micro-grinding and polishing system is the ultimate concrete surface enhancer. Combining diamond grinding to remove the micro-roughness of the slab with the application of uniquely developed TwinBest densifier and TwinSeal protective sealer:

  • TwinBest penetrates into the slab and produces a reactive bond with free lime particles within the concrete, densifying its core.
  • TwinSeal seals the surface and provides protection against water and oil penetration.



TwinBest Benefits

  • Reduces dust formation
  • Increases abration resistance & durability
  • Improves cleaning results

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Twintec® PLUS Benefits

  • Enhances density & abrasion resistance
  • Creates a dust-free glossy surface
  • Reduces staining and cleaning time
  • Easy tyre mark removal
  • Water & oil penetration reduction 

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The life cost of a concrete floor slab and the operation efficiency of a facility can both be significantly improved by timely maintenance.

Concrete floor slabs need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis in order to achieve the design working life.

TSR provides advice for programming these activities and executes planned maintenance inspections.



Regular maintenance costs for a concrete floor slab that has been constructed incorporating saw-cuts have been shown to be extremely high for end users in highly trafficked warehouses.

Year on year costs increase, not only on the saw-cuts themselves for joint sealant, and repairs, but also for replacement tyres, wheels and control boards on MHE.

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Twintec® GR+

A highly effective deep clean for concrete floor slabs.

An optimal combination of cleaning components, it performs a deep scrub on the surface to remove tenacious marks and stains as well as light oil/grease soiling.

Use periodically when the concrete floor slab needs a deep clean.

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Twintec® LSR

Daily maintenance cleaning product for industrial concrete floors.

This lithium silicate-based product composed of a combination of cleaning and impregnating agents will with repeated use over time result in additional density to the concrete surface.

Use as part of your regular cleaning regime.

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