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All Twintec products are delivered with rigorous quality control and attention to detail.

Discover our production process and the quality process that ensures the successful delivery of every floor slab.

Quality Control

With extensive experience over many years, Twintec has defined quality control procedures for all stages of production:


  • Concrete composition, grading, analysis and trials
  • Final regulating layer level
  • Joints and formwork checks
  • Weatherproofing inspected
  • Plant and equipment testing
  • Column isolation and perimeter wall detailing

During Slab Pour

  • Fibre integration monitored
  • Concrete testing (slumps, cubes, temperature)
  • Joints and concrete levels
  • Polythene inspected

Post slab pour

  • Slab inspections
  • Flatness surveys (if required)

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Our Production Process

The delivery of Twintec products relies upon properly specified raw materials, proven production methods, experienced personnel and specially adapted equipment and tools.

Twintec develops and builds machinery in-house to satisfy high performance requirements.

Final Regulating Layer

Twintec carries out the final regulating layer using laser controlled equipment.

This provides very accurate tolerances (+/- 5mm) and creates the platform for the floor slab casting process.

Day Joint Installation

Twintec uses steel armoured joints that have been selected for their heavy duty load transfer systems, durability and low maintenance costs. For the best effectiveness, these joints are installed at the perimeter of each day’s work and located in low traffic zones.

Steel Fibre Integration

Twintec’s advanced steel fibre integration process is operated by experienced and trained staff using specially designed fibre integration machines. This process guarantees that the fibres will be uniformly dispersed into the concrete.

Laserscreed Levelling

By using a laserscreed machine and efficient flood pour techniques Twintec can level large areas of concrete in one day.
Typically an area of 2500m2 can be levelled while still maintaining the highest quality standards.

Mechanical Topping Spreader

Dry-shake topping, a coarse blend of aggregates and cement, is mechanically applied just after the concrete has been poured and initially levelled. This suppresses fibres at the floor slab’s surface as well as improving abrasion resistance.

Finishing & Flatness

Highly skilled workers powerfloat finish the floor slab. For high tolerance floor slabs, Twintec’s experienced finishing team flatten and densify the surface. With this step, the highest flatness tolerances are achieved with no remedial grinding.

Installation and technology in action

Browse the videos below to see our processes and technology in action

Twintec Steel Fibre Integration Process

Twintec steel armoured joint installation

Laserscreed and Topping Spreader Operation

Concrete finishing techniques

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