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ECO Freeplan®

Environmentally sustainable 'jointless' SFRC ground bearing floor slabs

ECO Freeplan® floors are designed to optimise environmental sustainability and cast in large panels using steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) - all the benefits of a Twintec Freeplan® floor plus a reduced environmental impact.

ECO Freeplan® combines design solutions to optimise slab thickness & reinforcement, with specific materials and defined production processes for an overall reduction in embodied carbon (average 30%)

Twintec is committed to developing sustainable solutions to floor slab design as a fundamental part of business practice.  This includes designing with the revolutionary AFT®+ E-Fibre as standard. 


Key benefits of a ECO Freeplan® floor slab


Enhanced sustainability

Quantifiable reduction in embodied carbon (average 30%) contributing to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of the building (BREEAM, LEED, HQE)


Lower life cost

No saw cuts will reduce ongoing maintenance to the floor slab and MHE (tyres, wheels and control boards) as no trafficking over any unprotected joints.


Cost optimisation

Environmental and cost benefits through value engineered design solutions, including increased productivity and thinner floor slabs which require less concrete.


MHE Efficiency

With no sawn-induced contraction joints, and steel armoured construction joints at the edges of each panel only, MHE equipment can operate at optimum efficiency.


Key components of an ECO Freeplan® floor slab


Environmentally Credible Materials

Repurposed steel from end of life tyres (AFT®+ E-Fibre) in combination with virgin steel fibres. Green admixtures, dryshake & curing.


Concrete Mix

Reduced slab thickness by design reduces overall concrete consumption, combined with cement replacement products and tailored to each specific project worldwide.


Less Steel

SFRC replacing rebar/mesh and lage 'jointless' panels. Compared to traditional slab designs, ECO Freeplan® uses less steel = environmentally responsible design and construction.


No saw cut joints

High performance steel fibres, closely controlled concrete mix and defined production processes enable large 'jointless' panels with no saw cuts. No saw-cuts & less joints = minimal maintance on floor & MHE.

Product Options

All Twintec floors are personalised to the operational requirements of the end user. You may also want to consider the following options


Totally seamless floor slab. No expansion or saw-cut joints. Maximum crack width designs.


Twintec® PLUS

Surface enhancer to reduce maintenance, improve appearance and improve overall life cost of the floor.



For further information download the following resources.

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Reference List

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ECO Freeplan® in use

“I would like to record my thanks to all your staff who were involved in the project, from the design stage right through to completion on site. I have to say that according to reports, your site staff could not have been more helpful. Will you please pass on my personal thanks to all involved in producing a quality job well within the original time scale.”

J Mark Everett, Managing Director

J&JE Contractors Ltd

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