Freeplan XT®

‘Jointless’ sfrc external yard

Freeplan XT® is Twintec’s ‘jointless’ SFRC solution developed for both ground bearing and suspended external yards.

To optimise efficiency, Twintec’s in-house engineers provide expert guidance on levels and gradients, which can result in output of typically 2000m2 per day with panel sizes of up to 30m x 30m.

Freeplan XT® slabs have 75% fewer joints than traditional external yard slabs. Freeplan XT® slabs have a versatile surface with minimal risk of joint breakdown.


Key features of a Freeplan XT® floor slab


Reduced maintenance costs

Up to 75% fewer joints when compared to traditional construction methods. Less ongoing maintenance costs and business disruption.


Faster production time

80% less preparation time, fibres incorporated directly into the concrete combined with Twintec production processes equals faster production output.


Improved ride quality

For MHE and vehicles, improved quality of movement across the slab.


Cost effective

Reduced slab depth compared to traditional construction.

Product Options

All Twintec floors are personalised to the operational requirements of the end user. In addition, the following option is also available

Twintec Eco®

Reduced environmental impact through the use of revalued steel fibres and less concrete than a conventional slab.



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Freeplan XT® in use

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“We recognise the need to work with quality partners on a project with a commitment from all parties to achieve the end goal and ensure client satisfaction and to exceed their expectations. Twintec has demonstrated professionalism throughout this project and the highly skilled workers have delivered an outstanding floor slab.”

Paul Carlin, Director

McLaren Construction

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Why Choose Twintec

Understanding components and on-site management of concrete is a key factor in the successful construction of ‘jointless’ floor slabs. Twintec is a technical specialist in the use of steel fibre reinforced concrete.