Twinplan® & Twinplan S®

‘Jointless’ defined movement sfrc floor slab

Twinplan® large panel floors meet requirements for floor flatness, levelness and operational demands in very narrow aisles (VNA) racking areas that have mechanical handling equipment that run on defined movement floors and fixed pathways in between the racking.

VNA applications represent one of industrial flooring's biggest challenges; experiencing very high traffic and load demands and industry standards demand floors for VNA traffic to be extremely flat and level.

For ground bearing (Twinplan®) and slabs suspended on piles (Twinplan S®) Twintec works with clients to find the solutions best suited for them based on their selected racking systems, as well as vehicle types and expected movements.

VNA Racking Height UK Concrete Society
TR34 4th Edition
German DIN Standards ACI Fmin
Over 13m DM1 VDMA-DIN EN 15620 Fmin 100
8m to 13m DM2 DIN 15185-VDMA-DIN
EN 15620
Fmin 75
Below 8m DM3 DIN 15185 Fmin 50

Twintec's unique specialist flatness teams work on the surface of the concrete floor before it hardens to ensure conformance to highest flatness tolerance requirements

Product Options

All Twintec floors are personalised to the operational requirements of the end user. In addition, the following options are also available

Twintec Eco®

Reduced environmental impact through the use of re-valued steel fibres and less concrete than a conventional slab.


Twintec PLUS®

Surface enhancer to reduce maintenance, improve appearance and improve overall life cost of the floor.



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Twinplan® & Twinplan S® in use

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“The floor laid by Twintec for Al Madina in Barka Oman was the flattest we have ever surveyed. I congratulate all the men involved for the very high standard of flatness achieved.”

Arthur Rous

Floor Surveys Limited

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Why Choose Twintec

Understanding components and on-site management of concrete is a key factor in the successful construction of ‘jointless’ floor slabs. Twintec is a technical specialist in the use of steel fibre reinforced concrete.