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Published on 29 April 2019

Trilogy External, DubaiGMG (Trilogy Logistics) Warehouse, Dubai

Twintec Middle East has completed a number of Freeplan XT SFRC (steel fibre reinforced concrete) external slabs to replace traditional use of interlock paving blocks. End users' feedback has been 100% positive on the floor slab performance.

Offering the total package Design-Build-Guarantee on both internal and external slabs, means the end user can be sure he is getting a floor slab that is specific for his operational requirements. 

Taking into account , vehicle types, axle movements, vehicle weights and loading/offloading procedures, Twintec in-house design team will recommend the best design for your Freeplan XT external slab. This is then combined with skilled, experienced workers, the latest in concrete laying and finishing equipment, under the supervision of a dedicated Operations Manager to ensure the finished product meets the operational requirements.  Hempel Paints, Jeddah, KSA

Output for production can be up to 2,000m2 per day, 6 days a week (dependent on site conditions, concrete supply and weather).  

All materials including steel fibres and galvanised steel armoured joints are specified and provided by Twintec as part of the total package.  Concrete is given specific attention by a dedicated in-house Concrete Specialist working with the concrete supplier to obtain the optimum mix design requirements.  No element of the design or construction is left to chance. 

Properly designed, planned and executed.   Twintec Group offer the Freeplan XT product worldwide.

Contact your local business unit for further information or email us  mail@twintecgroup.com 

 Khimji Ramdas , Oman 2

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