Flooring Solution for Noon's Largest Hub in MENA Region

Published on 10 October 2023

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Project Brief:

Noon has established themselves as a key player and one of the largest e-commence companies in the Middle East. This latest facility is expected to cater to and fulfill the remarkable increase in the e-commerce industry that will enable the rapid delivery of products to millions of customers throughout Saudi Arabia.

Located in Riyadh, this prestigious project will be the largest Noon logistics hub in the MENA region, covering a total area of 176,623 square meters.

Twintec Scope:

Twintec's scope of work on the project consisted the design and build of concrete flooring works using a personalised Twintec Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) solution to meet Noon's exact operational requirements.

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The project was divided into three major phases that consisted of various flooring thicknesses and floor types strategically designed for each area’s specific purposes.

One of the most integral parts of this project is the VNA (very narrow aisle) area which requires designing and constructing a DM floor slab.

In VNA warehouses, forklifts travel 6-foot-wide aisles between storage racks with the aid of rack-mounted rails or a wire guidance system embedded in the floor. While moving down the aisles, these lift trucks can raise their forks to retrieve or place products at various levels.

For these forklifts to perform as intended, defined-traffic floors must be extraordinarily flat and level. Since the lift truck travels the same route over and over, the smoothness of the wheel paths, especially in Defined Movement (DM) aisles becomes extremely important. Although tolerance only needs to be confirmed in the wheel tracks. Each of the traffic paths should be directly measured, using a continuous-recording floor profilometer configured to run exactly in the wheel tracks.


The Freeplan® and Twinplan® floor slab reinforcement was designed with 4D Dramix 80/60 BG steel fibres providing the concrete with a high ductility.

The floor slab various thicknesses complied with the loading requirements and specifications, varied from 170mm to 340mm.  

The following design codes have been used in the design of this project:

  • TR34 - Concrete Industrial Ground Floors – Fourth edition 2013.
  • Steel fibres classified according to the ASTM A-820.

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Through Twintec’s value engineering strategy, the design slab optimisation resulted to a reduced original designed slab depth from 400mm to 340mm on certain areas while the 250mm slab were reduced to 190mm with savings on slab thicknesses. Due to the reduced use of concrete volume and optimised material reinforcement, it resulted in significant reduction on CO2 emissions of approximately 41% CO2e savings in comparison with traditional mesh/rebar slabs.


With the combined resources of state-of-the-art equipment with highly skilled and experienced manpower alongside site management professionals, a significant reduction on casting timeline were implemented from the traditional approach of 324 days to 117 days resulting in approximate savings of 63% in our project timeline.


We GOT you covered!

As we truly value our commitment to provide risk-free, high performance, high quality, and aesthetically superior floor slabs, a 10-year guarantee is given to each project that validates Twintec’s capability to meet and exceed the project requirements and specifications.

One of the main advantages of engaging with a Twintec floor slab is the significant savings in maintenance.

The average cost of maintaining a traditional slab with an area of 176,623m2 is roughly around 11,000,000 to 12,000,000 SAR for 10-year operations. With no saw cuts, high quality materials and workmanship the Twintec flooring solutions over a low maintenance solution.

Twintec offers PI and PL insurance covering 10m euros along with execution guarantee for 10 years.

For enquiries outside of Saudi Arabia, please contact the international business team via r.waugh@twintecgroup.com

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Posted by Nino Saulog