Freeplan 'Jointless' concrete floor slab wins quality award

Published on 05 July 2018

TTAU Award Winners 2018 1Master Concreters Award, Australia

Twintec Australia is awarded best project for under $20 Million at the Master Concreters Australia Awards night.

Twintec Australia were engaged by Joss Construction to provide a complete Design & Construct solution for the concrete floors of a new build for their client, XLam Australia. The project was constructed just outside of Wodonga on the NSW/VIC border. Twintec Australia provided a “FreePlan” design. This ‘Jointless’ steel fibre reinforced concrete solution was well suited to the client’s requirements.

Due to the heavy static loads and large forklifts proposed for the floor, a 200mm thick slab with 30kg/m3 of steel fibre was required.Twintec Freeplan 'jointless' concrete floor slab

‘Boral’ was the concrete supplier of choice for this project. A specific mix was designed by Twintec Australia and delivered at rate in excess of 60m3 per hour. Fibres were added on site to maintain efficient quality control procedures and consistency. This was combined with the application of a dry shake floor hardener and a liquid densifier to increase abrasion properties and aesthetics of the floor.

In partnership with our delivery team, DeMartin & Gasparini, Twintec Australia worked closely with Joss Construction to coordinate a fast delivery schedule to meet their program. A total area of 12,600m2 was cast in only 8 days. In just 2 weeks, we mobilised to the regional site, carried out all preparation work and cast the floor.

“Joss Construction engaged Twintec Australia as our Design & Construction contractor for the above-mentioned project. The engagement continued a healthy relationship between the two companies through successful projects delivered for the Australian Defence Force.” stated Joss Construction Representative. 

“The benefits for Joss in engaging Twintec Australia is very positive for the client. Reduced construction program, exceptional floor finish and cost savings to the overall project.”

“Joss was extremely proud of all contractors engaged on the project in particular Twintec Australia in the manner they delivered their works on and off site.”TTAU Award Winners 2018 2

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