Investing in your existing concrete floor slab

Published on 26 April 2021


At a recent virtual coffee morning, one of the presenters talked about the major drivers of supply chain performance – one of these was Facilities. A well delivered explanation that Supply Chain companies should be paying increased attention to re-purposing their current facilities, looking at the scalability and considering technology upgrades rather than turning to new-build-to-suit facilities.

Needs Change.

Many existing facilities are suitable in terms of size, location and general suitability of layout, but maybe the commodities being stored or distributed are changing, customer demands for delivery or logistics have changed or labour shortages demand a conversion to AI or robotic technology. You consider goods movement, storage solutions, new ERP software…… but what about the foundation for this – the concrete floor slab?? Will it meet your new operational needs?

Concrete floors are a key component within existing facilities and will have been designed to meet the needs of the facility (manufacturing, assembly, logistics, distribution, etc…) when it was built. The loads being used on the concrete slab, racking layouts and heights (e.g. free movement changes to defined movement), MHE being used, machinery locations, etc, could now all be changing.

Floor design and construction has changed considerably  in the past 10 years, traditional construction with concrete reinforced with mesh and saw-cuts every 4-5m and poor levelling and finishing may have left you with ongoing maintenance and operational problems and huge year on year “patch up” costs.

Facility owners and operators have experienced floor surface breakdown, damage to MHE and continuously dusty floors in addition to lowered operational capability and efficiencies.

Concrete Floor Slab Issues

Twintec Services & Renovation (TSR) offer a service for investigation, maintenance and where required adaptation, renovation or replacement of existing concrete floor slabs.  

Twintec’s experience and specialist knowledge in the design and construction of industrial concrete floor slabs makes them perfectly placed to offer expert advice on your existing facility and, working in more than 30 countries worldwide, we offer a local tailored service to meet your needs.

  • Design checks, surveys and repair methodology
  • Adaptation; upgrading flatness and weight tolerances, rebuilding
  • Repairs; surface damage, cracks, construction joints, racking bolt removal
  • Surface treatments; micro-grinding and polishing, dust reduction, increasing abrasion resistance
  • Maintenance; cleaning and cleaning products

Finished Slab Collage

From design checks, slab repairs and surface treatments to full concrete floor slab replacement ....... one point of expertise and responsibility - TSR

Contact us today for a no obligation discussion and free inspection of your existing concrete floor slab 

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