VDMA - Poco central warehouse in Walsrode-Bomlitz

Published on 29 August 2023


Twintec-GmbH constructed the concrete floors of a high-bay warehouse at Poco in Walsrode-Bomlitz. It consists of three logistics buildings with a total area of around 52,300 square meters.

Twintec developed a concept that meets the requirements of the VDMA guidelines: a 'jointless' floor slab with high flatness. Around 20,000m² will be used as a high-bay warehouse. The narrow aisle warehouse has a maximum racking height of 15m. 

The high-bay warehouse is accessed by narrow-aisle forklifts at 10 km/h when loaded. In order for the forklifts to be able to operate to their full potential, a high floor flatness was required.

To achieve compliance with the VDMA guidelines, "Floors for the use of narrow-aisle industrial trucks", Twintec has designed a particular concept for the floor slab. The racking height and the track width resulted in a height tolerance difference of approximately 1.5mm between the left and the right wheel.

Twintec worked closely together with the general contractor and all other project parties to produce the optimum slab design, taking into account all of the specific requirements. Our in-house engineering team designed a steel fibre-reinforced concrete ‘jointless’ floor slab with a machine-applied surface finish.

With our machines created within the Twintec Group and our specialist staff, we produced the specific flatness requirements demanded for Poco's concrete floor slab.

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Twintec are specialists in the design and construction of the most stringent flatness requirements in the industrial flooring sector.

Twintec design and construct:

  • high flatness floors e.g. for the use of AutoStores (automated storage & retrieval systems)
  • high flatness in narrow-aisle warehouses for all flatness standards e.g. according to DIN 15185, TR34 or the VDMA directive

Twintec Twinplan floors meet your flatness, levelness & operational requirements. 

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Posted by Klaus Raacke