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Published on 27 December 2020

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Twintec provides a personal product through a total offer concept with a high level of performance, environmental sustainability and aesthetics worldwide.

The complete Design-Build-Guarantee in-house service goes far beyond the industry norm, offering a level of support, quality assurance and peace of mind which has established the company as the world’s leading industrial concrete flooring contractor.

This could not be achieved without the people that make up the Twintec company, we look at how those people influence the Twintec Group offering a total offer concept to their customers worldwide to achieve their vision.

“People are our most valuable resource, they are the primary asset of the Twintec Group.  Their knowledge, skill, experience and dedication represent a value that cannot be put into figures on a balance sheet – they are the life blood of the company”

Bruno Lazzari, Twintec Group Founder & CEO.


People impact and influence every aspect of the Design-Build-Guarantee offer and every individual plays his or her part to achieve the end result. 

Investing in employee happiness delivers performance quality

image-pngTwintec believes that employee happiness, engagement and trust drive performance, generates innovation and increases employee retention therefore creating even greater workforce value.  This stretches across the company, when a worker on site feels valued they work harder and with a passion and instinctive drive to produce the highest quality floor slab.  Customers recognise and appreciate this – they share their experiences and increase their loyalties.  

Continuously innovating throughout the business by investing in research & development

Effective dialogue and communication is of paramount importance within a company that has offices in 19 countries worldwide.  Every member of the Twintec team has the opportunity to get involved in continuously improving every aspect of the business, from production techniques on site, to accounting practices, IT solutions, equipment modifications and marketing tools – no idea is ever a bad idea!!

Every individual has a responsibility to commit to environmental sustainability

Twintec is a truly international company with people from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds. Ages ranging from 18 to 65, a balanced mix of women and men, degree graduates and life experienced individuals.  This brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and values that are a huge asset to Twintec and which is never underestimated.

TME Team

Paul Goodband, General Manager, Twintec Projects, UK:

One of the newer members of staff is Paul Goodband, General Manager, Twintec Projects, UK.  He reflects on joining Twintec at the start of the Covid 19 global pandemic.

The attraction of joining Twintec was the dynamic culture of the company coupled with quality of product and service. After spending much of my career in construction materials sales that is largely commoditised, it felt very liberating to be talking about actual solutions that delivered very tangible and mutually beneficial results. To then be responsible for the full-service delivery of these solutions is empowering and our customers recognise the major benefits of the design, build and guarantee concept. The depth of Twintec’s knowledge, technical ability and design capabilities, not just for flooring, was a revelation and beyond my expectation.

Not just in the UK but for the construction industry worldwide, work has been delayed, extended and adapted but I see that the coming few years represent a real opportunity for the industry and for Twintec Projects Ltd in the UK. Changes to the retail industry with the move to e-commerce, the desire to repair and renovate existing facilities and the growth of discount retailers is all to our strengths and solutions. Our continued development of products, services and our partnering of innovating concrete products demonstrates how we are growing and adapting to our changing market. Being adaptable and innovative is the key to success in this ever-changing environment we work in.

The customer is centric to our business

Our targeted work is coming into fruition and our client base ever increasing.  The energy displayed by the UK team and the wider Twintec Group is contagious; I feel energised to be leading this team,  extremely thankful of their support and excited for what 2021 brings.

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Posted by Paul Goodband