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Published on 29 August 2018

Before & After Image 2Twintec PLUS treatment, Tyre Warehouse, Bahrain

Transform your old and dusty concrete floor into an extremely hard, dust proof, long-lasting, easy to clean and abrasion resistant surface. 

Users in Bahrain and Dubai are the latest to experience the benefits of the Twintec PLUS system.  Contact your local business team or email for further information.

Twintec PLUS micro-grinding and polishing system is the ultimate concrete surface enhancer.

Unlike alternative coating methods, Twintec PLUS becomes part of the floor.  The treatment combines diamond grinding to remove the micro-roughness of the slab with the application of uniquely developed densifier and protective sealer.  See how

Twintec PLUS is a fast  and effective surface enhancer for new and old concrete floors offering extensive advantages.  Twintec can treat up to 1,000m2 per day and floor slab ready for use in 24 hours.  Discover more 

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Twintec PLUS not only enhances the general appearance of the floor slab but dramatically reduces maintenance cost and time.

The micro-roughness of the concrete is removed, resulting in a very smooth and uniform surface compared to untreated concrete, epoxy and tiled surfaces.  This makes cleaning significantly quicker and more cost-effective.  No requirement for the use of harsh chemicals that will damage the environment - just use standard cleaning pads and water. 

Tick  100% Dust Free         Tick     HACCP Certified     Tick     Stain Resistant

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 Contact your local business team or email for further information.


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