Twintec PLUS shines in Jeddah

Published on 13 August 2018

Twintec Saudi - JeddahTwintec PLUS, SADAFCO, Jeddah,

Twintec Plus is a unique system based on the concept of diamond polished concrete.  The Twintec PLUS transforms your old concrete floor to a visually attractive, low maintenance, costing saving, dust free and hard floor that becomes more resistant to wear and traffic.

Twintec Saudi recently completed Twintec PLUS works for SADAFCO’s Jeddah Central Warehouse project located in Jeddah.  

Twintec PLUS micro-grinding and polishing system is the ultimate concrete surface enhancer.  it combines diamond grinding to remove the micro-roughness of the slab with the application of uniquely developed Densifer and Protective Sealer.  



Unlike other products that coat the top of the floor slab Twintec PLUS treatment will become part of the floor - it won't chip, flake or wear off.

Advantages of Twintec PLUS:

  • Low maintenance & cost effective
  • Environmentally credible
  • Durable

Twintec Plus can be applied for new constructions as well as to old concrete floors and is suitable for industrial warehouses, hangars, workshops, manufacturing facilities and food preparation areas. HACCP certified.   Read more 

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Twintec PLUS available worldwide with the local Twintec Group companies. 

Email to connect with your local technical sales team.


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