Twintec® STRUCTURAL slabs provide a solid raft foundation

Published on 09 June 2021

Main PhotoQuinn Glass, Elton Cheshire UK

Twintec® STRUCTURAL is designed to provide a solid raft foundation with the highest stability resistance capable to withstand high structural loads which ensures foundation strength for various types of application.

With higher point loads, structural slabs are exposed to shear stresses, bending moments and deformations. It is indeed important to ensure the capability and reliability of the structural slab as it serves as the foundation of the whole structure.

The most vital part in designing and constructing SFRC structural slabs relies on the correct combination of appropriate tensile strength characteristics and dosage of steel fibres along with high-quality concrete mix and local reinforcement against the calculated loads of the structure. This will ensure the capacity of the structural slab to absorb bending moments and shear stresses on structural application. Steel fibres act as linkage and reinforcement to concrete that transmits stresses across the cracks to resist the widening of fractures and avoids shrinkage and deformations.

Punching shear consideration

Punching shear capacity is determined in accordance with Eurocode 2 by checking the shear at the face of the contact area and at the critical perimeter distance 2.0d (where d is the effective depth) from the face of the contact area. Generally, the latter will control load capacity. Eurocode 2 is written based on conventional bar (or fabric) reinforcement and hence does not define an effective depth for fibre-reinforced or unreinforced concrete slabs. Following TR34 the effective depth for a fibre-reinforced or unreinforced slab should be taken as 0.75h where h is the overall depth.

Punching ShearThe design against punching shear of the slab around concentrated loads is based on the approach in Eurocode 2.

Allowance is made for the fact that some of the load will be transferred directly through the slab to the ground.



Twintec possesses solid experience on the structural design and construction of concrete mat slab bodies as applied to automated, rack-supported buildings. The use of high tensile strength steel fibres, when incorporated in a specifically adapted concrete mix, will not only control shrinkage within the concrete body but will also provide it with the structural properties of heavily reinforced concrete. In addition, the use of advanced steel fibre reinforcement instead of conventional rebar steel reinforcement allows for the pouring of large areas in a faster and safer manner.

  • Design Team
    Twintec’s in-house engineering team provide a tailored sustainable solution to the end-user that suits the specifications and working requirements of the structural slab. Our design engineers are well respected as experts in their field of expertise over many years in the concrete flooring industry. The necessary PI insurances support all designs.

    Diana LogoTwintec uses DIANA software for design and analysis of structure capable of incorporating all materials, geometric non-linearities considerations, perform a static/dynamic analysis, and combine the soil and the structure in one calculation which ensures that every design meets all the required specifications.

  • Production Team
    Twintec’s site management professionals and highly skilled manpower are fully capable of delivering substantial daily output in terms of concrete pouring that can reduce pouring days up to 70% compared to typical slab laying without compromising quality.

    ScreederEquipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools using computer-generated multi-levelling functions designed and developed by Twintec Group company Topp & Screed, our equipment and machines work with high accuracy rate in terms of flatness and rapid screeding that increases daily productivity output with an average of 600m3 per day. When combined with skilled, experienced staff, these machines enhance productivity and quality.
  • Track Record
    Twintec has a strong track record in the design and construction of structural raft foundation slabs.

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