Twintec USA acquires Kalman Floor Company

Published on 11 January 2022

Kalman (2)Phillip Ytterberg, Michel Loisel , Julien Lazzari, Carl Ytterberg

Twintec USA is proud to announce that it has acquired Kalman Floor Company. Julien Lazzari, Twintec Group CEO, stated that synergising the core competences and knowledge in design & construction excellence of both companies will provide an outstanding total offer concept for the USA market.

Kalman Floor Company is an institution, one of the leading specialist concrete flooring contractors in the USA, with a 105 year history, exemplary track record and enviable reputation for innovation, quality construction and outstanding customer service. A family business (3rd generation), the innovation and values of the company have benefited customers in all US states. Kalman was the first company in the USA to install shrinkage compensating floor slabs setting the standards for others to aspire to.

The combined strengths of Twintec & Kalman will provide:

  • Personalized solutions to meet customers’ specific concrete floor slab needs due to extensive expertise in steel fiber technology and shrinkage compensating concrete.
  • Unrivalled knowledge and experience in sustainable design, material behavior and working methodologies.
  • Skilled, experienced operation team of 50 workers with potential to work on multiple projects simultaneously across the USA.
  • Cutting edge concrete floor laying equipment for precision and high productivity.
  • Specialized services for repairs and upgrading existing concrete floor slabs.

"Twintec USA is confident that the acquisition of Kalman will support its ambitious growth plans in North America and is committed to continue to add value for existing and new customers. Key personnel from Kalman will remain as part of the new Twintec USA team, further strengthening the local Twintec workforce and with an extended fleet of concrete flooring laying equipment that will enable multiple projects to be constructed simultaneously across the USA. With this acquisition, Twintec USA is now able to offer in-house design and self-perform the building of steel fiber reinforced concrete industrial floors and shrinkage compensating concrete, including the well-known toppings for which Kalman is renowned."   M. Loisel, CEO Twintec USA

"The combination of Twintec’s advanced engineering and excellence in steel fiber design and construction with Kalman’s expertise as leading technologists and builders of shrinkage compensating concrete slabs and strong reputation for service and support will be a great benefit to existing and new clients. Clients will continue to enjoy joint-free systems, extremely durable wearing surfaces, with the additional benefit of structural changes to slab composition, low life cycle cost, and increased user satisfaction". C. Ytterberg, Executive Vice President, Twintec USA

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