Facility cost and efficiency - it all starts with the ground floor.

Published on 29 June 2017


Finished Floor, Twintec Middle East

Warehouses with very narrow aisle (VNA) racking, require a high flatness tolerance to be able to operate the materials handling equipment efficiently and safely.  

An inferior designed or constructed floor slab will necessitate great expense to rectify. Consequently reducing facility operations and ultimately impacting efficiency.

6 key steps to getting it right

With decades of flooring experience Twintec have perfected 6 key steps to getting it right.

  1. Optimised design solutions
  2. Quality materials,
  3. skilled and experienced workers,
  4.  efficient equipment and
  5. the appropriate working environment provided by the general contractor.

It is a team effort to produce the best outcomes. Each project should be considered individually and the requirements of the end user investigated thoroughly to ensure the floor slab meets the current and potential future needs of the business. This includes building use (storage, manufacturing), temperature control (freezer or chilled storage), racking and MHE movements, specific manufacturing equipment or aircraft types, materials being stored or manufactured… no one design fits all.

VNA racking requires a very flat floor to operate efficiently and safely. All too often floors are constructed and then require extensive grinding within the aisles to achieve the flatness tolerance specified.

Twintec design and construct floor slabs to tolerance, maintaining all the advantages of a large-panel jointless SFRC (steel fibre reinforced concrete) floor slab. A recent independent survey reported Twintec sabs having an overall 99.4% compliance.  

Floors in the Middle East have greatly improved over recent years and international proven technology has been adopted by many end users and consultants who are open to innovations within floor slab design and construction.

There is still a trend to focus on build cost rather than the life cost of the building – but investing in the floor slab is critical for long-term durability and business efficiencies.

Twintec plans to introduce new products to the Middle East that have been tried and tested within the Twintec Group worldwide for the past few years. These include totally seamless floor slabs that have no saw-cuts and no opening construction joints, and advanced admixtures that greatly reduce the shrinkage properties of concrete.


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