How to fix dusty concrete floors

Published on 17 March 2020

TwintecPLUS - Automotive parts storage facility - France, Strasbourg - BEFORE AFTER

Twintec®PLUS surface treatment- Automotive parts storage facility- Strasbourg, France

Ever had dusty concrete floor problems ?

Many warehouse operators have a problem with dust persistently appearing on the surface of their concrete floor slab which can have a huge negative impact on business performance. 


Source of the problem

In order to find a good solution, we must identify the origins of the problem.

Dusting can be the result of several issues that mainly happen during the pouring of the concrete slab. Extreme climate conditions, high dust content in the concrete mix or excessively high water/cement ratio can be part of these issues.
But even-though those variables are under control, concrete dust can still appear. 

In fact, once a concrete slab is poured, it is left to cure for a period of  28 days during which it gains most of its compressive strength. After pouring the concrete and before power floating the floor, water can start to bleed out of the core of the slab to the surface. Bleed water brings along fine sands, cement particles, sediments and mineral salts to the surface, this is called laitance.

The properties of the finished surface might be affected by the evaporation of this excess water. Once dry, the top thin layer that is supposed to be wear resistant might still include some unbonded cement and fine particles, which slowly crumble over the years, generating day after day a large amount of dust. 


Our solution

In order to avoid dusty concrete floor slab problems, a good solution is of course regular cleaning. Daily maintenance of the slab will limit the amount of dust present on the surface... but it won't make the problem disappear.

The best way to fight this problem is to get rid of this inconvenient layer.

The Twintec®PLUS system is a micro-grinding, densifying and polishing system that will once and for all remove your dusting problems.


Twintec PLUS - Diagram - Thin Layer removal


As a polished concrete surface, the floor will not only be perfectly dust free but also easier to clean. This permanent treatment is an investment that will reduce the overall life cost of your concrete floor slab, with significant savings in warehouse concrete floor maintenance time and costs. 

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