Industrial Concrete Floors – Gaining a competitive edge

Published on 19 February 2020

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A recent article by Bill Redmond in Warehouse & Logistics News discussed how industrial concrete floors could give a competitive edge and highlighted problems relating to joints. 

 “Some regard floors as a liability, whilst others would use more denigratory language, but floors are like machinery in one respect; treat them well and they will serve you well”

Concrete Floor Slab Design

Treating industrial concrete floors well does not just mean maintaining them post construction and implementing a well structured concrete floor slab maintenance regime – it means making the right choice at budget setting and design/detailing stage.  Investing in your concrete floor slab is the smart way forward to avoid problems later. 

Bill goes on to say that “Prevention is better than cure” and “Nowhere is time so critical as in the e-fulfillment centres coping with online delivery orders from demanding consumers looking for same or next-day delivery.  Any problems with the floor therefore, which slow down operations is bad news for such centres”

If construction/expansion/saw cut joints create problems – why not eliminate them? 

A totally seamless concrete floor with no opening construction joints results in higher operational efficiency, virtually eliminating concrete floor slab repair maintenance and reduces the life cost of the building.  Why wouldn’t you invest in that?

Consider the Twintec Ultimate: seamless concrete flooring – it could be the best concrete floor slab decision you ever make……

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