Showcasing the Ultimate Concrete Floor Slab

Published on 30 September 2018

Ultimate 330,000m2 The Netherlands 

Twintec ULTIMATE® is the latest in a long line of Twintec innovations in concrete floor slab design and achieves an end user's ultimate requirements for a totally seamless floor slab without any opening joints across the whole floor slab area.

End user clients, developers and consultants from throughout Europe recently attended a Deminar arranged by Twintec in The Netherlands to visit Twintec Ultimate slabs being constructed and inspect completed projects. 

The Twintec Ultimate floor slab design combines high performance steel fibres with steel mesh andUltimate 1 a tried and tested concrete mix design that reduces the concrete shrinkage properties of the slab to deliver a seamless finish. The use of top mesh within the slab offers significantly improved crack control allowing a maximum crack opening of 0.3mm within the floor slab to be guaranteed.  Read more from our R&D Team 

Suitable for ground bearing, internal & external and slabs suspended on piles.


  • No opening construction joints or saw cuts = high efficiency & low maintenance
  • No opening construction joints or saw cuts = elimination of joint damage to MHE
  • No opening construction joints or saw cuts = low life cost of the facility
  • No opening construction joints or saw cuts = total flexibility for current/future racking

The Twintec Ultimate is available throughout the Twintec Group Worldwide.  Contact your local business unit or email 

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