New Regional Distribution Centre in Ireland

Published on 18 December 2019

Lidl NewbridgeFinished Floor Slab, Lidl RDC, Newbridge, Ireland

Lidl's new distribution hub in Newbridge is one of the largest in Ireland and allows Lidl to continue to provide market-leading value to their growing customer base.

Twintec were selected by John Paul Construction to construct the 60,100m2 floor slab, working closely with Structural Design Solutions (SDS) to optimise the design to suit our construction processes.  Slab designs and depths varied to suit the different load and operational requirements of the client.  The construction included 2 layer slabs (separated by high-density insulation layers) for the new freezer area and also under a potential future freezer area.

Specific areas of the slab design incorporated traditional fabric reinforcement to create joint-free panels of 500-900m2 each with 2 or more panels being completed in a single day.  Overall the slab was constructed over 46 pouring days over 4 phases of work to suit the progress of steelwork, roofing and cladding on the site.  Twintec worked closely with John Paul Construction to manage their works alongside those of the underfloor heating sub-contractor as much of the slab area included underfloor heating pipework to allow Lidl to create different heating zones within the building.

In the areas designed as jointless panels, the joints between panels were a combination of straight armoured joints and sinus profile armoured joints in heavily-trafficked areas.Cosinus-Slide-Joint

The use of the innovative steel profile armoured joint allows the racking layout to be changed for future requirements without impacting on operational activities of forklift traffic. The unique sinus profile ensures smooth load transfer and crossing from any direction regardless of the speed of the forklift offering higher operational efficiency, operator comfort and reduced forklift truck maintenance. The sinus joint combined with a large panel 'jointless' Twintec floor slab will result in a lower life cost and enable Lidl to benefit from lower overall floor and forklift maintenance costs and operational efficiencies year after year.

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