Published on 19 May 2020



With rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), more automated logistics and warehousing operations are being developed. Is your floor slab designed to suit?

E-commerce has never been more in demand than now. Consumers enjoy shopping within the comfort and safety of their home and are demanding quicker and more accurate delivery of goods. 

Major retailers and supply chain groups have adopted a wide range of robotics solutions to improve operational efficiency in warehouses and distribution centres. Robotics solutions and in particular automated guided vehicles (AGVs) technologies that “sense, think and act” (often autonomously), are being used at an ever-increasing rate. These robots operate in predefined pathways, moving products for shipping and storage around the clock therefore automating costly, subjective and time-consuming activities or where local labour force is not available.

The benefits have been widely documented: 

Increased Productivity Carrying out repetitive jobs and accelerating routine processes 24/7 provides a continuous operation without a need for rest.

Accuracy and Consistency  Programmed to do a specific task without emotional intelligence to deviate.  WYPIWYG (What You Program Is What You Get).

Improved Safety  Programmed to avoid other robots and objects, common warehouse accidents to humans can be avoided.

                                     Robots benefits

Will your new or existing concrete floor slab be suitable for AGVs?

There are a detailed number of factors that warehouse operators need to consider relating to the concrete floor slab prior to the implementation of AGVs within their warehouse, these include:

Construction/Expansion Joints:  For optimum operation in a new warehouse, eliminate them completely with a Twintec Ultimate totally seamless floor and floor slab maximum crack width design.  Solutions also available for existing floor slab with construction/expansion joints.

Flatness & Levelness:  As for MHE the flatness and levelness of your concrete floor slab is imperative for the safe and efficient operation of an AGV warehouse facility.  Specify the correct requirements for a new floor or take expert advice on existing floors. 

Abrasion Resistance, Gloss Factor & Friction:  Not too smooth/slippy and not too rough to interfere with programmed signals.  There must be a balance to ensure the AGVs will operate correctly as programmed for each warehouse operator's individual needs.  

Robot Warehouse

Twintec is here to help you with your specific requirements - total solution for new or existing floor slabs.  From design on new builds to testing and recommendations for existing floors.  All works managed by Twintec dedicated single point of contact and Twintec assurance guarantee.  Design-Build-Guarantee

Contact us today to find out more  or check our website for your for your local point of contact.

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