What does it mean to be green?

Published on 28 May 2020

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Man is having a direct and measurable effect on the planet at an ecosystem level - to the extent that we (our actions/inactions) are the dominant source of change. If this change continues unabated, we can expect the consequences to be very significant for future generations.

Being Green

Many people take 'being green' to mean flying less, driving a hybrid car, putting plastic bottles and tins in the recycling, or eating less red meat. For businesses it can mean car-pooling schemes, photo-voltaic power arrays on the roof and low-energy light fittings. All of these are good things and should be encouraged but what can we do in the concrete flooring industry to play our part?


How green is your concrete floor slab?

Many of our clients (main contractors, developers and end-users) have specific 'green' policies and express a desire to be "working towards net-zero emissions" or something similar. But is this 'desire' carried through into the way new developments are specified, procured, resourced and funded?  Is the design of the floor slab even discussed in relation to the 'green' policies?

It is widely known that the embodied carbon or ECO2 emissions of concrete, steel and associated materials required for concrete floor slab construction all have an impact on the environment as they require energy to produce and distribute.

What can be done to minimise this impact?

  • Optimise the design - combinations and types of reinforcements. Consider revalued steel fibres
  • Reduce concrete floor slab depths - less concrete = less ECO2 emissions
  • Detailed analysis of locally available concrete components for optimised concrete mix design and consideration of cement replacement products and shrinkage control materials that absorb CO2
  • Specialist equipment, less pollution and more efficient working practices

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Twintec Group has long since recognised the importance of reducing the effect our activities have on the world we live in.  Care for the environment and a commitment to developing sustainable solutions is demonstrated by an ongoing extensive research development programme in collaboration with leading universities worldwide.

The impact of the concrete floor slab on the environment and the life cost of your building will be reduced by talking to Twintec.

Twintec provides a personal product through a total offer concept with a high level of performance, environmental sustainability and aesthetics worldwide.  Read more

Each project is considered individually to meet the needs of the parties involved - including 'green' policies. To learn more about any of our innovations or simply to discuss your project and how a Twintec solution can benefit you both sustainably and economically email mail@twintecgroup.com or contact your local office to discuss directly.

Posted by Colin Shephard

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