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Published on 08 April 2020

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New Industrial Concrete Floor?


The influence a specialist contractor can have during the design and specification stages of a scheme should not be underestimated as being of great value to all parties. Design concepts, materials, methods of construction and surface tolerance requirements are carefully considered with all parties without compromising functionality and the operational requirements of the client. Within Twintec, we have our own highly experienced design team and, by working together with you, we are able to produce a value-engineered design to meet your current and future requirements. 

End users, main contractors, developers and consultants are often presented with a choice of general contractors to use for their new warehouse developments.  Comparing like for like is not always straightforward and often a decision can be based only on price that could result in long term financial, operational and maintenance issues for the end user.  

5 reasons why you need a specialist design & build concrete flooring contractor..... 

To ensure you receive the best possible flooring solution for your new build, we explain why you need a specialist design & build concrete flooring contractor.

1. Split Responsibilities

Design, materials and construction can be a risk if specified and sourced independently. For example, the structural engineer engaged by the main contractor must rely on the concrete placement contractor, for whom they have minimal control to ensure standards are achieved correctly.

A specialist flooring contractor will take total responsibility for all aspects (Design-Build-Guarantee).  Designing and constructing to meet your individual operational requirements and reducing the day to day and life cost of your floor slab. 

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Think minimal floor slab maintenance, reduced MHE maintenance, increased operational efficiencies with a specialist and ask about Product Liability Insurance.

2. Materials

Low quality (cost) or inappropriately used materials will reflect in floor slab performance.

A specialist flooring contractor will have tested, certified and a track record of all materials to be used on the project, specifically the concrete. 

Think long term floor slab performance, environmental credibility and ask if they employ a Concrete Specialist.

3. Track Record

Satisfaction may be achieved at handover; it's more important to have maintained that satisfaction 10 years later. 

A specialist flooring contractor will be able to demonstrate a quantifiable track record, spanning all areas of the business; design, methodology in line with international standards, procurement, logistics, workers, equipment and completed reference sites for inspection.

Think about the long term - as the logistics industry changes rapidly, what will your needs be in 10 years? Will you be leasing to different clients over a 10 year period? Are racking configurations likely to change? Ask about future proofing of your floor slab.

4.  Project Construction Time

Time is money - getting your new facility operational as quickly as possible can be critical. 

A specialist flooring contractor will be able to lay up to 2,500m2 per day whilst maintaining high quality standards to meet the required specification. 

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Think about your project duration - delays cost more than just money.  Ask about daily outputs in your region.

5. Quality Control

Successful quality assurance plans start during pre-pouring phase and continue during and post slab pour.

A specialist flooring contractor will present a well-structured QC procedure, organised programme of works, experienced site management and a skilled, experienced and motivated workforce.

Think about how QC will help protect your investment. Ask how, when & why! 


Purely cost driven tendering and procurement is commonly reflected in long term performance and durability; short term financial benefits can soon become long term maintenance and operational losses.  Consider investing in your floor slab and your operational efficiencies, and consider cost savings in floor maintenance . 

Can your business afford any alternative?

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