WORK SAFE - STAY SAFE  Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Published on 30 April 2020

200422 Photo 6Twintec Middle East working safely on site in Abu Dhabi, UAE

In these extraordinary times as we face a pandemic situation, all construction businesses have had to look closely at how to work within WHO, Government and site specific guidelines.  Twintec is no different, but moved quickly to adopt and implement virus related work safe practices. 

Home Working

Many office based staff are working from home, but this poses additional challenges for many in terms of working space, family members also working at home and children at home that need to be looked after and/or home schooled.  Restrictions vary from country to country across the Twintec Group, but all staff are being supported by local and group management to cope best with their individual situations.

Additional safe practices have been introduced where office work is allowable.Covid 19 office safety measures, including providing masks, gloves, sanitiser and introducing daily temperature checks.

Many have learnt new skills to enable online meetings and communication channels .  We know its not the same as sitting down together or with business stakeholders to share a coffee, but "it's good to talk" has never been more true.

Site Working

Some countries within the Twintec Group network remain closed for construction, whilst others continue to operate having implemented additional safety and social distancing measures. Personally and professionally we are adopting new practices, whether it's wearing face masks, increased hand washing or regular disinfection of equipment and premises.  

Business as Usual

We are trying within the guidelines to practice business as usual. Commercial and technical staff are still talking to customers and potential customers, designs/tenders are being prepared, logistics planned and orders being secured for future works. CIF-Covid-19-Social-Distancing-Poster-A4 Twintec (002)

A small number of Twintec staff were working away from their home country when some international borders were closing and efforts were made to repatriate as many as possible as quickly as possible. Twintec continues to support those workers and their families who remain separated at this time.  

You can contact your local Twintec office as normal or contact via email and your enquiry will be forwarded for attention.

works safeTwintec wishes all its associates, customers, suppliers and friends within the industry safe and healthy times ahead.

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