Heavy Equipment

Personalised solutions and value engineered designs to meet your specific current and future operational requirements

We understand the daily operational demands required by industries that utilise heavy equipment

Your Challenges

Ensuring the concrete floor slab withstands the significant loadings and severe wear and tear from the frequent and intensive damaging activities that occur as part of daily operations. Achieving durability in hard environments for external slabs; rain, sea spray, frost and daily temperature cycles.

Our Experience

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How we can help

Studying your specific requirements and operational and environmental challenges Twintec will design and construct a floor slab to factor in the demands of the facility and extend the working life of the slab.

Our Approach

Design . Build . Guarantee


Twintec products designed for heavy equipment slabs


Exceptional durability and performance with no sawn-induced contraction joints.


Freeplan XT®

Freeplan specially developed for both ground bearing and suspended external yards.


Twintec Ultimate®

An end user's ultimate requirement - a totally seamless floor slab without any opening joints across the whole floor slab area.


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Brands built on
Twintec Heavy Equipment slabs

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Why Choose Twintec

A guarantee of satisfaction. Choosing Twintec ensures that design expertise and high grade materials are coupled with experienced, skilled staff throughout the company - engineers to concreters - production management to machine maintenance.