Design . Build . Guarantee

The unique Design. Build. Guarantee package demonstrates how Twintec takes total responsibility for its steel fibre concrete products.


Value engineered design solutions adapted to each user's specific needs.

Twintec slabs are designed in-house by our  highly experienced design engineers  and incorporate the latest innovations in concrete floor slab design. 

Every design is optimised to meet specific client needs whether that's for end-users or consultants. And of course underpinning all that we do is strict adherence to relevant industry codes.


Site co-ordination, materials, fast track construction and superior finishing worldwide.

We provide a total service that encompasses mobility, planning, logistics, transport and site co-ordination. The innovative materials used are  supported by rigorous testing before deployment. With highly skilled, experienced workers and specifically developed equipment, we're able to deliver a quality product time and time again, throughout the world.


The Twintec assurance guarantee.

Twintec’s assurance guarantee offers a level of assurance that goes way beyond the industry norm and includes design, build and after care.

The guarantee extends across the business incorporating quality control, professional staff, customer service and aftercare in addition to insurances.

Our Mission

To design and construct innovative, environmentally sensitive, concrete floor slabs worldwide.

We provide a personalised product that INVESTORS/END USERS need for business efficiencies, CONSULTANTS specify, CONTRACTORS endorse and our EMPLOYEES are proud of.

Our unique total offer concept

Twintec’s complete in-house service goes far beyond the industry norm, offering a level of support, quality assurance and peace of mind which has established the company as the world’s leading design and construct SFRC industrial concrete flooring contractor.

Learn about our innovative flooring technology.

Concrete & Steel Fibres

Find out why we combine industry leading high performance steel fibres with concrete.


'Twintec' Concept

Discover how we combine our design expertise with materials technology.



Learn about our production process and the quality control that underpins it.