‘Jointless’ sfrc ground bearing floor slabs

Twintec’s Freeplan® floor slabs offer exceptional durability and performance with no sawn-induced contraction joints.

Freeplan® floors are cast in large areas using steel fibre reinforced concrete. They do not require traditional sawn-induced contraction joints, which are a major cause of floor problems. Due to practical limitations on the area that can be constructed at any one time, Twintec uses steel armoured construction joints at the edges of each panel.

With proven expertise in design, concrete behaviour and SFRC technology, as well as strict monitoring and control over production, Twintec can construct floor slabs with panel sizes of up to 2500m2, depending on concrete quality and availability.


Key features of a Freeplan® floor slab


Reduced maintenance costs

Uniformly mixed steel fibres eliminate the need for sawn-induced contraction joints, which are a leading cause of floor problems and the biggest cost for ongoing maintenance on both floor and equipment.


MHE efficiency

With no sawn-induced contraction joints, and steel armoured construction joints at the edges of each panel only, MHE equipment can operate at optimum efficiency.


Faster production time

With reinforcement from steel fibres incorporated into the concrete, there’s no need for steel reinforcement to be placed prior to concrete works and continuous large panel pouring is achieved, providing a safer working environment.


Improved long term flatness tolerances

SFRC reduces plastic settlement, leading to greater achievable flatness tolerances and no remedial grinding.


Enhanced sustainability and durability

Reduced slab thickness, cement replacement and the option to use re-valued fibres. Steel fibres uniformly throughout concrete provides increased impact resistence.


Optimised design

A number of cost benefits through value engineered solutions, including increased productivity, thinner floor slabs which require less concrete and optimised pile spacing and sizing.

Product Options

All Twintec floors are personalised to the operational requirements of the end user.In addition, the following options are also available

Twintec Eco®

Reduced environmental impact through the use of re-valued steel fibres and less concrete than a conventional slab.


Twintec PLUS®

Surface enhancer to reduce maintenance, improve appearance and improve overall life cost of the floor.



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Freeplan® in use

Read about clients who use our Freeplan floor slabs

“ILS have now started specifying that all DC floors that have high traffic movements have no saw cut joints. This means that we need larger slabs with mechanical joints, only Twintec can offer us such floors and we are pleased to note that this has proved to be significantly better than any previous floors. As a result, the operations and running costs of the DC’s we design are significantly improved. ”

Gary Benatar, Executive Director

Industrial Logistic Systems

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Why Choose Twintec

Understanding components and on-site management of concrete is a key factor in the successful construction of ‘jointless’ floor slabs. Twintec is a technical specialist in the use of steel fibre reinforced concrete.