Twintec ECO®

Flooring with reduced environmental impact

Twintec ECO® floor reuses steel cord from tyres in floor slab construction to produce steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) - all the benefits of a Twintec floor plus a reduced environmental impact.

Twintec is committed to developing sustainable solutions to floor slab design as a fundamental part of business practice. The development and introductionof the Twincon fibre as a standard offering demonstrates Twintec’s drive to minimize the environmental impact of design and contracting operations.


Very high strength wire
Increased distribution helps to control crack initiation
Optimum performance from hybrid blends
Tested in accordance with latest design guidance
Significant environmental benefits

Product Suitability

Twintec ECO® is suitable for the following Twintec products


Exceptional durability and performance with no sawn-induced contraction joints.


Freeplan S®

A high performance ‘jointless’ concrete ground floor slab suspended on piles.


Freeplan XT®

Freeplan specially developed for both ground bearing and suspended external yards.


Twinplan® & Twinplan S®

Floors that meet stringent requirements for floor flatness, levelness and operational demands.



An end user's ultimate requirement - a totally seamless floor slab without any opening joints across the whole floor slab area.



Quality concrete with high performance fibres at high dosages to produce slabs that can support high structural loads.



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Case Studies

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Twintec ECO® in use

Read about clients who use Twintec ECO® in their floor slabs.

“The construction of the industrial slab was well executed and of high quality. In addition we also acknowledge your services during the approval process, which involved a high degree of technical assistance on your part that was provided in a conscientious and professional manner. ”

Al Azizia

Panda United

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Why Choose Twintec

Understanding components and on-site management of concrete is a key factor in the successful construction of ‘jointless’ floor slabs. Twintec is a technical specialist in the use of steel fibre reinforced concrete.