Seamless floor slab

Twintec® ULTIMATE is the latest in a long line of Twintec innovations in concrete floor slab design and achieves an end user's ultimate requirements for a totally seamless floor slab without any opening joints across the whole floor slab area.

The floor slab design combines high performance steel fibres with steel mesh and a tried and tested concrete mix design that reduces the concrete shrinkage properties of the slab to deliver the seamless finish. The use of top mesh within the slab offers significantly improved crack control allowing a maximum crack opening of 0.3mm within the floor slab to be guaranteed.

Suitable for ground bearing and slabs suspended on piles.


Key features of a Twintec ULTIMATE® floor slab


Increased operational efficiency & operator welfare

No opening construction joints or saw cuts across the floor slab, resulting in MHE operating at full capacity, no business interuption for joint repairs, and MHE driving comfort & safety.


Lower life cost

No opening joints or saw cuts means the slab is totally seamless. No joint sealing is required. A totally seamless floor slab will reduce ongoing maintenance to MHE (tyres, wheels and control boards) as no trafficking over any joints.



Providing the ULTIMATE flexibility. Change of racking layout or building use easily achievable with the totally seamless ULTIMATE slab.


Environmental Credible

Engineered to reduce the embodied carbon via design optimisation, material selection and working methodology.


Key features of a Twintec® ULTIMATE floor slab


Totally seamless NO opening joints

The reinforcement combination of steel mesh, steel fibers and the use of an optimised concrete mix combined with a unique production methodology removes the need for expansion or saw-cut joints, resulting in a totally seamless floor slab.


Designed maximum crack width 0.3mm

Design based on the geotechnical information such as bearing capacity, short term and long term settlement. Taking into account loading, loading combination as well as materials behaviour and local execution circumstances. The design and guarantee is based on a maximum crack width of 0.3mm


No curling

No individual concrete panels and expansion or saw-cut joints removes the possibility of curling.


No aspect ratio restrictions

Aspect ratio is important to give direction to the amount of shrinkage in a direction. In the ULTIMATE slab we design on a fully restrained situation so there’s for need for a set aspect ratio. Concrete cracks, there will be small cracks but in design controlled and blocked on a maximum crack width of 0.3 mm.

Product Options

All Twintec floors are personalised to the operational requirements of the end user. In addition, the following options are also available

Twintec Eco®

Reduced environmental impact through the use of re-valued steel fibres and less concrete than a conventional slab.


Twintec PLUS®

Surface enhancer to reduce maintenance, improve appearance and improve overall life cost of the floor.



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Case Studies

Learn about the brands currently using Twintec products and how they've benefitted from our technology.


Case Studies

Learn about the brands currently using Twintec products and how they've benefitted.


Twintec ULTIMATE® in use

Read about clients who use our Twintec ULTIMATE® floor slabs.

“I would like to record my thanks to all your staff who were involved in the project, from the design stage right through to completion on site. I have to say that according to reports, your site staff could not have been more helpful. Will you please pass on my personal thanks to all involved in producing a quality job well within the original time scale.”

J Mark Everett, Managing Director

J&JE Contractors Ltd

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Why Choose Twintec

Understanding components and on-site management of concrete is a key factor in the successful construction of ‘jointless’ floor slabs. Twintec is a technical specialist in the use of steel fibre reinforced concrete.