Twintec PLUS®

Concrete flooring surface enhancer

Twintec PLUS® Low maintenance, durable, highly-reflective - all the benefits of a Twintec floor PLUS a surface enhancer.

Twintec PLUS® micro-grinding and polishing system is the ultimate concrete surface enhancer.

The treatment combines diamond grinding to remove the micro-roughness of the slab with the application of uniquely developed Densifier and Protective Sealer:

  • The Densifier penetrates into the slab and Densifier Graphiccreates a reactive bond with the free lime particles within the concrete.
  • The Protective Sealer provides protection against water and oil penetration.

A final diamond polish completes the process.


Unlike other products that coat the top of the floor slab, Twintec PLUS® treatment will become part of the floor - it will NOT chip or flake.

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  • Enhances appearance, strength & abrasion resistance
  • Creates a dust free surface
  • Stain resistant
  • Reduces cleaning time
  • Easy tyre mark removal
  • HACCP certified
  • Slip resistant - DIN51131 - valuation SAFE
  • Water & oil penetration reduced by 90% (DIN 52617, DIN EN 150 15148)

Advantages of Twintec PLUS® surface enhancer


Low maintenance & cost effective

Improves overall life cost of the floor, easy to clean off tyre marks and will not chip or flake over time.


Environmentally credible

A justifiable sustainable flooring option as utilises materials already present in the concrete.



Increases the hardness, density and abrasion resistance of the floor slab.

Twintec Plus in action

Browse the videos below to see Twintec Plus in action

Twintec PLUS - Time Lapse Application Process

Twintec PLUS - Old warehouse floor to new

Twintec PLUS - Old floor with Twintec PLUS applied

Twintec PLUS - concrete surface enhancer

Upgrade your existing floor slab

Product Suitability

Twintec PLUS® surface enhancer is suitable for the following Twintec products


Exceptional durability and performance with no sawn-induced contraction joints.


Freeplan S®

A high performance ‘jointless’ concrete ground floor slab suspended on piles.


Twinplan® & Twinplan S®

Large panel floors that meet stringent requirements for floor flatness, levelness and operational demands.



An end user's ultimate requirement - a totally seamless floor slab without any opening joints across the whole floor slab area.



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Twintec PLUS® in use

Read about clients who use Twintec PLUS® to enhance their floor slabs

“"With epoxy coatings previously the surface begins to peel or flake. This is not an issue anymore for us with Twintec PLUS"”

Managing Director

IBS Logistics

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Why Choose Twintec

Understanding  your business needs and on-site management for the Twintec PLUS  process is a critical success factor. Twintec's extensive experience of concrete floors worldwide makes them an expert in this field.